Charrette Notes: Pre-Charrette Consumer Meeting

South Central Housing Network

Region 10 Plan to End and Prevent Homelessness Charrette

Pre-Charrette Library Session for Consumers, March 27, 2013

 Monroe County Public Library Auditorium

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Crime, Safety, & Prejudice

What issues do we need to address?

  • Police “pick on us” “drive us out” “charges are so petty” ; responding to public intox / drug use and homelessness ; public intox arrests continue to be enforced following law change ; profiling ; arrests/harassment for actions that do not harm any one… ; not best use of BPD’s time and resources ; criminal trespass ; disorderly conduct ; selective enforcement
  • These issues will be exacerbated when winter shelter closes
  • Is there an arrest quota? If so, are individuals who are homeless targeted because of this?
  • Crime, safety, & prejudice are linked but very different
  • Prejudice in BPD ; crimes of homelessness ; “homeless on homeless” crime ; safety concerns individuals who are homeless
  • Prejudice in business community ; homelessness seen as problem for downtown business
  • Housed community members fear personal vulnerability to homelessness ; hate homeless people ; housed community members have more control over prejudice than police.
  • Jaywalking incident at Shalom ; prejudice “techniques” are not new (reflection on 60’s)
  • Conflicts between BPD & Sheriff’s Department need to be addressed

Affordable Housing

What issues do we need to address?

  • More public information on housing rates
  • Looking for less expensive housing options
  • Zoning issues, coding laws and taxes that make building more expensive and difficult to build
  • Section 8 housing for individuals with felony, drug convictions
  • Concerns about concentrated affordable housing ; “ghettos’ ; segregation ; neighbors labeling and stigmatizing affordable / permanent housing such as Crawford Homes
  • Need more landlords to devote units to affordable housing ; mixed income housing
  • Background checks on housing that prevent individuals from being housed
  • High security deposits
  • Stringent requirements (lease apps, background checks, app fee, deposit, income verification) make renting difficult ; primarily for individuals with criminal records (i.e. burglary); results in people living with roommates without being on the lease (vulnerable to eviction)
  • Capitalism, profit, greed and the impact on building affordable housing
  • Don’t care about each other enough


What issues do we need to address?

  •  Fair wages ; factories not coming back to Bloomington
  •  Criminal history ; lack of rehabilitation in the incarceration system ; perpetuates poverty, homelessness, unemployment ; legalized prejudice for people who have done their time
  •  Transportation ; jobs located off of bus lines or inaccessible on Sundays when buses don’t run
  •  People applying for lots of jobs and not getting anything; competition with college students ; prejudice against Shalom address (aka homelessness); favoritism
  •  Lack of job skills for jobs that pay living wages ; lack of opportunities to gain job experience (need work to gain work experience…)
  •  Lack of references to put on job applications
  •  Unreliable references ; bad supervisors
  •  Need for professional clothing, hair cuts (physical presentation); especially male clothing ; a need for education on professional presentation at interviews and during job searching
  •  Lack of cottage industry ; artisan market

Chronic homelessness, mental health & addiction

What issues do we need to address?

  • No detox center / services for individuals experiencing poverty
  • Must be sober for 30 days for Centerstone services
  • Abstinence-based local programs prevent people from getting help in a more holistic sense ; keeps people away from support and community opportunities
  • Lack of proper medical care in jail
  • Using jails as detox center
  • Challenge of getting insurance if have addiction
  • Lack of free mental health services (outside of addiction services like REC)
  • Need for independent / life skills training (financial management, cooking, cleaning) ; also shared living situations where people can build of each other’s skills ; expectations may be too high all at once
  • Drug importation and profit ; cocaine epidemic ; (as root problems) ; punitive approach to drug use with specific targeting of people in poverty and minorities Illegalization of drugs ; profit & capitalist system


What issues do we need to address?

  •  Safety net for job loss
  •  Empty houses + homeless people ; predatory lending ; exploitation
  •  Property tax hikes that make homes and lands more expensive ; eminent domain (i.e. I-69)

The right service in the right place

What issues do we need to address?

  • Lack of compassion / community ; a need to recognize interdependency
  • Need for a community effort, particularly in poorer, rural counties
  • Lack of financial resources in outlying communities
  • Service providers who will not provide services to nonresidents
  • Overlapping of services (i.e. food pantries, clothing, overnight shelter) that leave gaps in other services ; “turf wars” over funding for different services/agencies ; waste in the system ; lack of coordination
  • Confusion around location of services (i.e. multiple IWS sites)
  • Shelter capacities result in people being turned away, even on cold, snowy nights
  • Lack of emergency, low barrier summer shelter ; complete lack of low barrier emergency shelter in the rest of Indiana
  • Restrictions in services in other communities
  • Need for communication system across counties ; coordinated intake
  • People being paroled in Bloomington

What issues have we not identified?

  • Selective enforcement of drug laws with bias towards people living in poverty
  • “Dead time” between Shalom closing and shelters opening (lack of shelter from 3pm-9pm); when most people are getting arrested ; limited places to go in between (i.e. library, IMU)
  • IMU kicking folks out; checking ID; threatening of trespassing charges; excessive ban lengths for small offenses
  • Lack of usable, safe, clean public bathrooms
  • Who is responsible for addressing these issues? City? Churches?
  • Need for holistic approach

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