Charrette Notes: Crime, Safety, and Prejudice

South Central Housing Network

Region 10 Plan to End and Prevent Homelessness Charrette

Session #5, Tuesday, April 23

 Crime, Safety, and Prejudice

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Where did the funding for the Detox center in Indy come from? (Will explore possible answers to this question as part of the overall Charrette Process and beyond)

Dauterman: Involved with homeless as volunteer. Helping to bring community of those experiencing homelessness together. Feels this voice is missing from this process. Must involve this population in creating a successful plan. Emphasize the importance of building relationship with the police force. Often tend to get discouraged when relapse occurs. Relapse is a norm; helpful to look at services received as a success. Student group of 200 volunteers ready to provide shelter. Still in need of a space to provide services.

Martin: Resident of Bloomington. Recently retired business owner. Co-chair of Bloomington Rotary Clubs. Professionals in Bloomington recognize homelessness as an issue. Many people interested in making a difference. There is a perception that business community does not care. This is not true. The business community is supporting work of non-profits. The business community (in certain parts of Bloomington) have reached capacity for tolerance with some issues surrounding homelessness. Street people who are often classified as homeless should be addressed. Believes that many people dealing with solicitation are parents bringing students to this community. Feels that solicitation should be addressed, specifically on Kirkwood.

Guinn: Challenges people face as part of the judicial system: Need to collaborate more. Many challenges face families, especially those with small children. Has personal experience with homelessness. Family member has cost the community over $157,000 over the last 22 years. Preventing homelessness and criminalization of individuals experiencing homelessness could save the community a great deal of money.

When you run a business, you want to know facts. Issue must be quantified. 95% of our problem is coming from 5% of the population. If we are going to help people, those who need help must be involved in the process. We need leadership in our community, including individuals living on the street who have a great deal of knowledge to share. Negative feelings are not helping in addressing the issue. Must have input from individuals experiencing homelessness.

New resident of Bloomington within the past 5 years. Bloomington still talking about the “good ole’ days”. Let’s look toward the future. Encouraged people to contact their legislators to address issues being discussed over the past few days.

Murphy: Lafayette. Is there a portion of offenders who can be worked with, by provider a higher level of services. Targeted non-violent, non-sex offenders. Re-entry into the community in a controlled way, with additional services. Collaboration between judges and employers to provide employment opportunities to individuals coming out of the judicial system. Community partnership is important

Biggest issue is transportation. Why can’t we create of pool of older, well-maintained vehicles to provide transportation. People in outlying counties need this service more than anyone. 

Possibility for dealing with transportation issue: Creation of free-will taxi.

Bowman: Location of parole office difficult to access:

Rodriguez: Need additional space. Working with 10 counties. Must find placement for all 10 counties. Individuals entering DOC, must reenter society in area of conviction. Goal is to find individuals with history of conviction placement into shelter/housing. Making an effort to get service to offenders to assist with their success.

Pollitt: Feels encouraged by police collaboration. Middleway has police liaison. Police very helpful to Middleway. Reiterated importance of working together. Important: Education. Nothing trains better than involvement. Volunteering leads to additional knowledge and lessens prejudice. Understands need for chronically homeless. Also sees need for “situationally” homeless and those who do not meet criteria for chronically homeless. We cannot forget women and children who are in need.

Chris S. : City Council Member: Something has changed in this city. Has talked with business owners with similar feelings. Are we attracting chronically homeless? Prejudice implies that there is no validity to perception. Understands that dealing with addiction can be very difficult. Community frustrated with growing problem.

Benito: Homelessness is the failure of many systems. Looking at solutions

Business man in downtown: Can relate to many: Small population of violent offenders have made the city unsafe. The idea of a police liaison to the homeless population is definitely needed. People on the edge of homelessness need support. Difference between Monroe County and outlying counties is significant. Solution to panhandling can and should be addressed.

Laura (Catholic Worker Home): Hope for a solution that is free of judgment of individuals experiencing homelessness. Recognize humanity. Most helpful to try and provide assistance free of judgment.

Sees many great ideas coming from Charrette Process. Reiterates need for detox center, need for inclusion of individuals experiencing homelessness in planning process. Would like to see the plan incorporate all of these ideas.

“Spare-changing” often got aggressive in Berkley. Came up with a system to provide tickets for meals, which could not be used for alcohol, etc…). This helped to eliminate aggression and “spare-changing”. Creating alternatives to panhandling could help reduce this issue.

Small amount of research for transition programs throughout Indiana. It would be great if street outreach could be incorporated into our programs to provide the right information

Must incorporate people who previously have experienced homelessness shared thoughts, ideas, solutions to dealing with issues of homelessness and possible solutions.

Draft for potential plan will be presented this Friday, in the council chambers from 1-3 p.m.

We must be cautious when asking people to identify their class status.

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